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Scan and Plan – Revolutionizing Robotics

Tuesday @ 12:00 PM
in the Exhibit Hall During the Group Luncheon

This Event is OPEN to all AA&S/PS&S Attendees and Exhibitors

Presentation By:
AFRL Leadership, SwRI, & Boeing

Event Description:

Developed under the Air Force Research Laboratory A5 program, Scan and Plan is changing the future of robotics. A key component of agile robotics is versatility in programing of robotic manipulators. Scan and Plan allows workers with no robotic experience the ability to program a robot based on what they want it to do, rather than tediously programing individual movements. Southwest Research Institute and Boeing, partners on the A5 program, will demonstrate this technology and the immense impact it has on the future of robotics.

Live robot simulation processing of the Exhibit Hall. The Scan and Plan Capture Device is small enough to fit on a table top. The LiDAR rotates to capture the environment.



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