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The National Airworthiness Council (NAC) Keystone Panel - Digital Transformation

The National Airworthiness Council (NAC) Keystone Panel
2021 Theme: "Digital Transformation"

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Mr. Jason Brys, FAA, Military Certification Office (MCO) (View Bio)
Mr. Thomas M. Fischer - SES, Air Force Materiel Command, USAF (View Bio)
Ms. Jacqueline Janning-Lask - SES, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, USAF (View Bio)
Mr. Chris Hodges - Airworthiness Deputy Director, CCDC AvMC (View Bio)
Ms. Susan DeGuzman - Director, USN/USMC Airworthiness and CYBERSAFE Office, Naval Air Systems Command (View Bio)
Mr. Brad Neal - Senior Technical Advisor for Airworthiness and Flight Safety at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center (View Bio)
CDR Ryan Popiel, US Coast Guard (View Bio)

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AA&S 2021 Conference AA&S 2021 Conference

The National Airworthiness Council (NAC) Keystone Panel Objective:

2021 Theme: "Digital Transformation"
Digitally engineered systems are rapidly replacing humans in processing, monitoring, performance, design, and decision making in ways that one could hardly have imagined fifty years ago. Digital systems with Artificial Intelligence capabilities are becoming commonplace in aviation systems. As a result, the U.S. Government is becoming increasingly dependent upon digital engineering, Model Based Systems Engineering, and digital tools for analysis, and requirements traceability and certification. As the digital transformation continues, military and government agencies must balance the need to leverage the new capabilities these technologies offer, against the necessity to meet the fundamental requirements of airworthiness, safety, performance, cost, and regulatory considerations. In the National Airworthiness Council’s Digital Transformation Keystone Panel session, key stakeholders from the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and NASA will each discuss aspects of their approaches, opportunities, and challenges that are associated with the rapidly expanding Digital Transformation within the aviation world.

Army Panelist: Mr. Chris Hodges
Army Topic: Digital Engineering Implementation in Army Aviation

USAF Panelists: Mr. Thomas M. Fischer and Ms. Jacqueline Janning-Lask
USAF Topic: Lessons Learned in the Early Stages of Creating a Digital Airworthiness Program

NASA Panelist: Mr. Brad Neal
NASA Topic: Digital Transformation: Airborne Flight Data Portal

Navy Panelist: Ms. Susan Deguzman
Navy Topic: Digital Transformation in the US Navy

USCG Panelist: CDR Ryan Popiel
USCG Topic: Digital Engineering

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