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The Adversary Air (ADAIR) Keystone Panel

The Adversary Air (ADAIR) Keystone Panel

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

Moderator: Dr. Ken Barker, USAF (View Bio)
Panelists: Mr. Brian Bower, Vice President, Product Development, Top Aces (View Bio) - Ms. Lisa Glover, Blue Air Training, Chief of Airworthiness (View Bio) - Mr. Rolland “RC" Thompson, President & CEO, Tactical Air Support, Inc. (View Bio) - TBD, Agile Defense

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The Adversary Air (ADAIR) Keystone Panel Objective:

U.S. military services are increasing their reliance on commercial industry to provide aircraft and aircrews to simulate tactics and operations of potential adversaries. This activity supports training of U.S. military aircrews and ground personnel involved in combat control and related missions. Representatives from companies providing these adversary air services will serve as panel members and will make brief introductory remarks about their companies, their processes for design/operations/maintenance, and challenges in seeking military airworthiness certification. An open session during which questions from the audience will be entertained will follow panel members’ remarks.

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