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The Sustainment Keystone Panel

The Sustainment Keystone Panel

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 @ 1:00 PM

Dr. Marilyn Gaska - Lockheed Martin (View Bio)
Mr. Rick Russell, Technical Fellow for Materials, NASA (View Bio)
Mr. Edward Ayer - AFMC AFSCEN (View Bio)
Mr. Mike Kelly - Lockheed Martin (View Bio)
Capt. Grady Duffey - USN NAVAIR (View Bio)

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The Sustainment Keystone Panel Objective:

Sustainment has received increased focus in 2022 as a result of current events as well as focus on life cycle cost. This panel will provide an overview of sustainment focus areas across the Services, NASA, and industry to include focus on digital transformation as a key opportunity area. Focus on the life cycle will include synergy with airworthiness efforts. The importance of collaboration across government and industry will also be highlighted. The panel will address the importance of shared models and data starting early in the acquisition process. The importance of extending digital engineering efforts to include sustainment considerations. In this Keystone Panel session, key stakeholders from the Air Force Sustainment Center, Fleet Readiness Center, and industry will provide and update on agency efforts, opportunities, and challenges. Sustainment considerations for NASA will also address planning for reuse.

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