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The Digital Certification Keystone Panel

The Digital Certification Keystone Panel

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 @ 1:00 PM

Dr. Pamela Kobryn - USAF
Mr. Daniel J Fogarty - Boeing (View Bio) – OEM perspective
Dr. Stephen Cook - Northrop Grumman (View Bio) – OEM perspective
Mr. Tim Swanson - GE Aviation (View Bio) – Engine OEM perspective
Mr. Chris Dyer - Raytheon (View Bio) – Subsystem perspective
Dr. Olivia Pinon Fischer – Georgia Tech (View Bio) – Academic perspective

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The Digital Certification Keystone Panel Objective:

As the DoD and USG usher in a new digital reality, digital transformation of tasks and processes leading to airworthiness certification is a key opportunity area. The breadth, depth, and full-lifecycle impact of airworthiness certification makes it fertile ground for applying digital methodologies to realize value. For example, ideas such as modelling for requirements definition and traceability, automation of data exchanges and process workflows, validated simulations to mitigate risks earlier, and collaborative digital workspaces to improve risk transparency across the acquisition lifecycle are being considered. With the growing adoption of Digital Engineering throughout the aerospace and defense ecosystem, government, industry, and academia alike are exploring cautiously how these ideas may impact and improve the efficiency of the process of airworthiness certification in the future. In this Keystone Panel session, key stakeholders from industry will provide their thoughts on the potential digital transformation of airworthiness certification and discuss noteworthy developments, opportunities, and challenges.”

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