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The NDI Trends/Growth Opportunities Keystone Panel

The NDI/E Trends & Growth Opportunities Keystone Panel

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 @ 3:00 PM

Moderator: Mr. Charlie Buynak, Air Force Research Laboratory (View Bio)
Panelists: Dr. Eric Lindgren, Air Force Research Laboratory (View Bio) - Mr. K. Elliott Cramer, NASA Langley Research Center (View Bio) - Dr. Don Palmer, Boeing Research & Technology (View Bio) - Mr. David Forsyth, TRI Austin (View Bio)

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The NDI/E Trends & Growth Opportunities Keystone Panel Objective:

1) Material / Structures Inspection Issues The short overview will address NDE/I as accomplished today, including the multiple entities involved in establishing requirements and processes to accomplish inspections. In addition, general classes of challenges for NDE/I of metallic and composite components will be discussed.

2) Composite NDI/E Synopsis: The use of composite materials continues to increase in the aerospace community due to the potential benefits of reduced weight, increased strength, and manufacturability. As these composite structures become more common, larger and more complex, NASA has focused research on nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques capable of quantifying and fully characterizing the material state.

3) NDI Robotic Applications / Automation Synopsis: This presentation will focus on automation and robotics as applied to nondestructive evaluation (NDE). The discussion will include a historical perspective on how automation has impacted NDE, introduction of robotics to improve NDE efficiency, and future directions, including interests in autonomous NDE operations.

4) Future NDI/E Data Application/Opportunities Synopsis: NDE data has largely been left behind in the world of big data, artificial intelligence, the digital thread, industry 4.0, etc. We will examine how NDE can be impacted by these technologies, and show examples of computational technology applied to NDE and NDE data to improve detection, reliability, and characterization of defects.

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