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Damage Tolerance Training

Instructor: Dr Rajiv Sampath - GE Aviation

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Course Objectives

Probabilistic Fundamentals and Practical Applications for Lifing

Provide a practical guide to probabilistic formulations and their application to durability and damage tolerance requirements of jet engine components. This training has been referred to as “Probabilistic 101/102” in prior forums. The “101” portion steps through the fundamental background and mathematic formulations that create the basis for probabilistic assessments. This includes a quick review of basic distributions (binomial, normal, lognormal and Poisson) their relationships, implications and application to Low Cycle Fatigue and Crack Growth. The course then describes how Low Cycle Fatigue and Crack Propagation predictions are combined to form the Probability of Failure (POF) and details an approach that accounts for the impact of inspections in reducing the POF. The objective of the “101” portion” is to provide building blocks of probabilistic analysis and logic flow that could be used to create a tool (in any preferred coding language) that performs POF calculations for low cycle fatigue with inspections.

The “102” portion of the training addresses surface and sub-surface POF analyses showing the general concept for handling risks from a single flaw and an approach for determining POF from multiple flaws. The training will then cover the concept of “total probabilistic life” and how it is impacting recent military engine life requirements. It will then compare and contrast historic component deterministic life requirements (in terms of LCF and Crack Growth) against the evolving total probabilistic life requirements.

Wrap-up will define and simplify some of the more complex probabilistic terminology, approaches and applications. The point being to provide groundwork in preparation for some of the more advanced presentations that will be given during the conference technical sessions.

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