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About Submitting Your Abstract for 2019

The mission of this conference is to identify the challenges and the collaborative work being done within the aerospace community in improving the safety, airworthiness, availability and cost effectiveness of both our military and commercial aircraft fleets. The battle of maintaining an aging fleet with the numerous resource and engineering challenges is a primary focus.

You are invited to submit an abstract for your proposed presentation. Submitted abstracts should address the current issues facing the services and industry in sustainment and airworthiness. Submission of abstracts to this focus is highly encouraged. The general rules for submitting abstracts are listed under the Rules for Submission section.

At the time of abstract submission, authors will be asked to certify that the submitted abstract is unclassified, non-proprietary and approved for public release and unlimited distribution.

Please make sure you read and understand the rules before submission.


Submitted Abstracts Should Focus on One of the Subject Areas Below

The AA&S 2019 Topics
Additive Manufacturing (AA&S Relevant)
Airframe Digital Twin/Digital Thread
Aviation Safety.
Composite Structures
Condition-Based Maintenance/IVHM
Depot Modernization
Emerging Material Systems
Fleet Management
Probabilistic Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
SHM Workshop
Sustainment of Software
Submissions Requested by Expert Designed POC's


About the Call for Training Courses

The Training Courses for the 2019 AA&S/PS&S Conference have been preselected and are currently being developed ahead of the Call for Abstracts. If you wish to have your training course considered for the 2020 AA&S/PS&S Conference or as a possible alternate/back-up, please contact Jill Jennewine with detailed information about your training course.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Title of Training Course
  • Course Instructor name and contact information
  • Name of Organization providing the training
  • Training Course description
  • Relevance of training to the AA&S/PS&S Community
  • Inherent value of training & practical application of training provided
  • Length of Training (not to exceed 4 hours)

What Happens if My Abstract is Accepted?

Each primary submitter for abstracts will be notified by email, no later than Friday, February 15, 2019, of the decision of the AA&S Review Committee. Abstract submitters who receive an acceptance letter email will also be provided with speaker log-in information/instructions. This speaker log-in information will guide each presenter through all phases of the presentation requirements for AA&S 2019. All presenters will be required to upload their presentation prior to the Conference using this speaker log-in page. An exact date for presentation submission will be contained in the speaker log-in information. Presentations with substantial speaker notes or a technical paper (author’s choice), will be required of each presenter for inclusion in the Proceedings, to be posted on the Conference website after the Conference.

Click on the Dates Below to Expand

Abstract Submission Deadline: Submit your abstract before this date. Date has been Extended.

Acceptance Letters: Be sure to check your inbox this week, our acceptance letters will be sent out.

Registration Deadline for Speakers: Accepted Speakers are required to register for the AA&S Conference by this date.

Presentation Deadline: Upload your presentation for the AA&S Conference by this date.

  • 1: Authors should submit abstracts for consideration by completing the Online Abstract Submittal Form, accessible by clicking on the button at the top of this page. The abstract text should be within 200-500 words.

  • 2: All submitted abstracts should include a description of content, conclusions and significance of the proposed presentation.

  • 3: At the time of abstract submission, authors will be asked to certify that the submitted abstract is unclassified, non-proprietary and approved for public release and unlimited distribution. All accepted abstracts will be posted to the AA&S 2019 conference website.

  • 4: AA&S 2019 is unclassified and open attendance. Authors presenting papers will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals and releases prior to the Conference.

  • 5: Abstracts must be received no later than Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Abstract reviewers request that, in order to facilitate technical review, abstracts be submitted as soon as possible. A late submission will not allow time for proper review by the conference planning/review committee and may result in the rejection of the abstract.

  • 6: All submitted abstracts will receive an email by Friday, February 15, 2019 notifying them of the acceptance/non-acceptance of the abstract. Only the primary submitting author will be sent this acceptance/non-acceptance email and it will be the author’s responsibility to notify any co-authors.

  • 7: Authors presenting papers at AA&S 2019 are REQUIRED to register for the conference and pay the associated conference registration fee. No Exceptions.

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